Unique Commercial Terms

Unique commercial terms

Quick return on investment and its protection in the long run

The SAP Mobile Platform and the KCT Mobility Framework together with our years of experience allow us to offer mobile applications featuring:

  • Low acquisition and operating costs; this includes making use of favourable SAP licensing schemes intended for certified third-party applications;
  • Guarantee of unlimited application lifecycle (being independent on any specific type of device or mobile platform / operating system);
  • Guarantee of ongoing functionality development – we consistently enhance our applications, making use of new technical features of mobile devices and suggestions by our existing customers;
  • Possibility to modify the applications independently from their vendor, exactly as is usual in the world of SAP;
  • Guaranteed conversion of the application to other mobile platforms supported by SMP for a specified fixed price (a part of service agreement);

In this way you can be sure of your appropriate and quick return of your investment even in today’s dynamic world of mobile technologies.

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