Kvalita KCT Framework

Quality of KCT Mobility Framework

Outcome of our years of experience with development of mobile applications.

SAP Mobile Platform is an application platform providing in particular for the “relief” from proprietary and specific properties of particular mobile platforms / operating systems. It also provides generic functionality required for development of mobile applications (data transmission between back-end systems and mobile devices, device administration, user registration, security ect.).

KCT Mobility Framework is the structured outcome of our years of experience with development of mobile applications on various mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), presenting ready-to-use building blocks containing a high performance application and dialogue logic designed in the native environment of each mobile platform / operating system. Thanks to these ready-to-use building blocks, we are able to quickly and efficiently develop, maintain and -most importantly- constantly enhance each mobile scenario.

This combination of technologies and well-proven approaches allows us to deliver top performance products, capable of using to the maximum extent the hardware equipment of mobile devices and thus substantially contribute to a smooth acceptance of our solution by the end users.

With our products, you are not restricted by functional or performance limitations accompanying solutions based on container technologies, which as a result of their complexity and dependency on additional components often miss their original purpose – i.e. easy and quick design and maintenance.

With KCT Mobility Framework you achieve:

  • Reduction of application development and maintenance costs
  • SAP certification of our applications
  • Most recent application versions and their functionality with new SAP Mobile Platform releases
  • Compatibility of applications with future versions of mobile operating systems
  • Guarantee of easy (and cost efficient) conversion of applications to additional mobile operating systems, which were originally not required
  • Virtually immediate use of fresh technical innovations in mobile devices and existing applications
  • Product openness as usual in the SAP world (availability of source codes and procedures for their modification with no impact on functional and commercial guarantees)

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