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Enterprise Mobile Education

Have you ever considered the potential of mobile devices in training your employees? Well, here’s a couple of reasons for you to do so.

Learning, or rather the generic process of training affects every single company. Whether you want your employees to pick-up some new tricks, or you just need them to pass the basic “Safety at Work” test, you probably know, that personal training takes a lot of time, effort, and especially funds. With mLearning, all you need are the mobile devices. Your employees can then take the test whenever suits them- e.g. on their way to work, on a smoking brake, or even at work, and it will still be saving you a lot of precious time.

Intuitive touch controls, along with the interactive infographics merge into a powerful educational tool, and a guarantee of a coherent and graphic educational technique. Not to forget the convenience of data post-processing in your SAP in comparison to paper-based tests.

Despite e-Learning courses, mLearning also doesn’t require an internet connection once you have synced the courses into your device. Finalised tests are synced back to the back-end (wireless or cable).

comix_mlearningKey features of mLearning

  • easy-to-create
  • custom courses
  • release multiple tests at once
  • ‘role’-based testing
  • back-end processing & statistics
  • automatic test-scheduling
  • workflow optimalization
  • photo attachments

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Key Factors of solutions by KCTdata

  • Support for both on-line and off-line work – energy savings, service not required.
  • Usage of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 is a guarantee of painless transfer to any mobile OS.
  • Widen your services and product portfolio with finished and configurable Mobile Apps.
  • We pay close attention to the SAP standards. Therefore, our apps are easily managed or even further developed by your SAP admins.
  • “PBK” certified. Under predetermined conditions, you get a guarantee of compatibility with new versions of SMP, or even with new versions of your mobile OS. Also, for mere 20% of your investment, we guarantee a transfer to a different OS (Android, Windows Phone, iOS,..).
  • Our apps are trusted by companies like RWE, Foxconn, DHL, MVV ENERGIE, etc.
  • We have a strong experienced team of SMP and HCPms developers.
  • We run 24/7 Basis and Service Desk Support for SAP Mobile Platform.
  • We have year’s worth of experience in mobile development.
  • Our apps are User friendly and easy-to-use, our UX experts are constantly working on the software interface updates to achieve the most convenient and effective usage possible.

Key features of a mobile solution

  • lowers the expenses
  • saves time
  • increases personal effectivity
  • convenient for the customers
  • flexible workflow
  • opens possibilities for new ways of business
  • increases operational effectivity

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