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Enterprise Mobile Asset Management pack

With mAsset, there’s no more need for paper-managing your assets,  no more space for mistyping or overlooking your them.

mAsset brings you everything you need for workflow organization of the asset management processes. If you’ve came across the processes at least once, you can imagine, what types oftypes of risks it holds- like mislabeling an asset without the ability of a fast check in SAP, miscounts of the assets, or an asset misplace. Analysing the Inventory-check results on paper also usually takes much longer, and requires more human supervision, than the modern techniques of stock-taking, or general asset management.

Mobile part of the solution (mAsset Mobile) stands for the first application certified by SAP (SAP Certified Mobile App) developed in Czech Republic.

comix_massetKey features of mAsset

  • physical inventory check
  • structured review of all your assets in all directories
  • QR- / bar-code based
  • GEO-location for assets & directories
  • commissioning & decommissioning assets
  • photo attachments
  • the package consists of Mobile & back-end version of the app. mAsset ERP is fully functional even without the mobile scenario.

 mAsset ERP:

  • Preparation of physical inventory and processing of its results (i.e. electronization of the inventory list) is processed in the SAP DMS module.
  • Standard SAP tools and functionalities are used (integration with authorization groups, status management, workflow, change management, etc.).
  • Efficient planning, organization and supervision
  • Minimized costs of routine activities.
  • Can also be used separately (without the mAsset Mobile application) in order to streamline the preparation of physical inventory and processing of its results.

mAsset Mobile:

  • Full integration with mAsset ERP.
  • Barcodes or QR codes can be scanned by a phone or tablet camera – no need to purchase expensive mobile devices with barcode readers.
  • Photo documentation of asset condition can be created, GPS coordinates assigned.
  • The application is based on the SAP Mobile Platform providing for a high level of security.
  • The application is portable to all common mobile operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows Mobile.
  • Both online and offline modes are supported.

mAsset_screen_iphone mAsset_screen_ipad

What may interest you

Does mAsset require an internet connection?

No. After synchronization, mAsset Mobile holds all the necessary data, and therefore is ready for off-line use. Mostly for these reasons:

  • you hardly ever can count on 100% reliable internet connection
  • off-line work means dramatic increase of the battery lifespan on any device

What kind of mobile platforms is supported by mAsset Mobile?

The App is built on SMP 3.0, thanks to that, it is easily transferrable to the most common mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile,..).

What type of hardware does mAsset require?

For the code scanning, mAsset uses the integrated camera in any common mobile device (smartphone, tablet,..)

What if we can’t operate mAsset?

Very unlikely. Intuitive User Interface based fully on the common functions and controls of devices with capacitive touch-displays was our priority Nr.1 from the very beginning. Thanks to that, mAsset is easy-to-use without no long training needed.

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