mAssembly bez vodoznaku


Mobile completion of large technological units.

Assembling from large number of components made fast and easy with mobile devices, perfectly clear and trackable with SAP back-end.

Assembling larger technological units such as production lines or switchboard cabinets etc, is often a very painful process. And if such situation occurs, and you are facing for example an issue of waranty repair, not knowing the exact component details may prolong the process, resulting in unnecessary expenses both on time and cash.

That’s when mAssembly comes in handy. It monitored every component with an assigned Material ID, allowing you to track batches and components to it’s original production line / vendor. Each component is labelled by a bar-code, and each finalised product is labelled with a batch-number, when stocked.  Later, in the SAP back-end, you can assembly one piece of equipment (component) into another (product).


Key features of mAssembly

  • structured re-view of used components
  • component “life-cycle” tracking
  • back-end post-processing
  • bar-/QR-code based
  • photo-documentation
  • sophisticated synchronisation policy
  • work-orders (‘role’-based)

mAssembly_screen_1 mAssembly_screen_2

Key Factors of solutions by KCTdata

  • Support for both on-line and off-line work – energy savings, service not required.
  • Usage of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 is a guarantee of painless transfer to any mobile OS.
  • Widen your services and product portfolio with finished and configurable Mobile Apps.
  • We pay close attention to the SAP standards. Therefore, our apps are easily managed or even further developed by your SAP admins.
  • “PBK” certified. Under predetermined conditions, you get a guarantee of compatibility with new versions of SMP, or even with new versions of your mobile OS. Also, for mere 20% of your investment, we guarantee a transfer to a different OS (Android, Windows Phone, iOS,..).
  • Our apps are trusted by companies like RWE, Foxconn, DHL, MVV ENERGIE, etc.
  • We have a strong experienced team of SMP and HCPms developers.
  • We run 24/7 Basis and Service Desk Support for SAP Mobile Platform.
  • We have year’s worth of experience in mobile development.
  • Our apps are User friendly and easy-to-use, our UX experts are constantly working on the software interface updates to achieve the most convenient and effective usage possible.

Key features of a mobile solution

  • lowers the expenses
  • saves time
  • increases personal effectivity
  • convenient for the customers
  • flexible workflow
  • opens possibilities for new ways of business
  • increases operational effectivity

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