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Development of mobile applications

Besides developing our own applications that are supplied as finished products with a roadmap of their future enhancements, we also provide application design and development services based on individual needs of our customers. These applications are often very heterogeneous and specific (e.g. applications for field data acquisition, for scientific purposes, etc.). To be brief: we are ready to consult and develop any desired mobile application. We can offer our customers extra guarantees during the entire application lifecycle and favourable commercial terms – thanks to our experience and proven design patterns developed into the best practices.

We develop for all the current mobile operating systems – Android, iOS, BlackBerry and WindowsPhone.

SMP_Server_Overview_Development of mobile applications

For the tailored applications we also take advantages of the SAP Mobile Platform and the KCT Mobility Framework in order to enable their easy conversion to other mobile platforms, to guarantee their compatibility with future versions of mobile operating systems and to provide for additional advantages available in standard applications.

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