100% SAP Mobile Platform

All our mobile applications are based on the SAP Mobile Platform

SAP Mobile Platform is a comprehensive MEAP and MDM platform providing for a systematic implementation of mobile technologies in an organization with regard to most diverse aspects. It enables determining the most appropriate approach and means to achieving the required functionality.

Thanks to using the SMP, our applications and solutions are safe against changes caused by the dynamic evolution of both mobile platforms and mobile devices themselves.


Your IT can manage the solution using common processes and employ familiar tools of the SAP NetWeaver technological platform.

Main advantages of using the SAP Mobile Platform:

  • SMP significantly reduces development costs, reliefs application developers from the specifics of individual mobile platforms / operating systems, provides for a range of generic functionalities in mobile applications, thus determining and unifying their handling by the user.
  • SMP supplies many system functions, significantly enhancing the quality of mobile applications, in particular with regard to their operation and administration.
  • SMP focuses on security of transmitted and processed data.
  • SMP is a proven and global technology by SAP with a guarantee of further development.

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